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AC Repair & Maintenance Services in Dallas, Texas

HVAC Services & Air Conditioning Repair Dallas, TX

AC Repair Dallas Texas

HVAC Services & AC Repair Dallas, TX – HVAC Equipment Repair | Installation | Maintenance

For the best AC Repair services in Dallas TX, call Green Leaf Air, a Dallas-based HVAC company. Just give us a call at 972-992-5006, text us on our website or Request an Appointment with our HVAC experts – we will be at your doorstep with the best HVAC Specialist team in no time.

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At Green Leaf Air, we offer HVAC services to you anywhere within the 60 miles radius of Dallas namely: Fort Worth, Cockrell Hill, Farmers Branch, Grand Prairie, Irving, Mesquite, Duncanville, Garland, Carrolton, Addison, Desoto, Hutchins, Balch Springs, Richardson, Lancaster, Sunnyvale, Wilmer, Coppell, Cedar Hill, Rowlett, etc.

AC Repair

Green Leaf Air – Air Conditioner Repair Dallas, TX-based HVAC Company

There are many ways your HVAC system can malfunction – your gas furnace can break down, the condenser drainage might get clogged or your air ducts may become mold-ridden. However, being the best AC company in Texas, here at Green Leaf Air, we are always ready to face all of these issues and many more. Our experts are trained, and insured, to deliver the best air duct cleaning & AC repair services.

They are always prepared to tackle any HVAC maintenance jobs and ready to answer your “AC Repair Dallas”, “Dallas AC Repair Near Me” & “Dallas AC Repair” calls.

So, don’t hesitate to call Green Leaf Air to request a free inspection and for your AC servicing needs in Texas.

Green Leaf Air HVAC Installation, Maintenance AC Repairing Services in Dallas

We can help you with last-minute inspections on your air conditioning heating and cooling system. Just dial our number, and we’ll be at your doorstep.

  • Seasonal Inspections

  • Air Conditioner Repair

  • Air Duct Cleaning/Replacement

  • HVAC System Analysis

  • HVAC System Recommendations

  • New HVAC Installation

  • Condenser/Central Unit Repair

  • Heat Pump & Gas Furnace Repair

  • Commercial HVAC Services

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HVAC problems we can help you with as an AC repair company, Dallas TX

HVAC tune-ups are very important for homeowners. The best time for a tune-up is right around spring, so if you’re in the Dallas Texas area, don’t miss out on an inspection from our experienced and motivated HVAC team.

We will run diagnostic tests to ensure all units of your central heating and cooling system are functioning optimally and providing you with the best comfort.

So, basically, for any air conditioning repair needs, you can call Green Leaf Air for hassle-free solution.

Seasonal Inspections

Seasonal inspections are essential for Dallas air conditioning systems – our team is equipped with the latest tech to inspect and resolve HVAC issues. With season changes in Dallas, TX, you might need to revitalize or replace your current HVAC solution – this is where we come in to inspect your current system and help you take care of it. After completing an inspection, our team will provide a comprehensive report within hours and help you get in gear to take action to fix any issues with your AC unit.

Air Conditioner Repair

We’re experts in Dallas air conditioning repair and service. We cover every repair your heating and air conditioning system may need. Our technicians are skilled and will work to resolve any issues with your AC.

Air Duct Cleaning/Replacement

The key to an efficient commercial HVAC is ensuring that your air ducts are in excellent condition. Therefore, if you live in Lewisville, TX, we can service your air ducts to clean or replace them as needed. Through a thorough review of your air ducts, we will determine whether you need air duct cleaning or a complete replacement. Air duct cleaning has the added benefit of reducing the energy consumed by your HVAC during regular operation by removing obstructions and allowing free movement of air.

HVAC System Analysis

Call us if you want us to perform an analysis of your ac unit or heating system. Our HVAC technicians are trained to analyze problems efficiently and quickly. First-time installations must perform an HVAC system review to get the most efficient system.

Air Conditioning Heating HVAC System Recommendations

For great HVAC system recommendations suited for your home, our team can guide you with years of expertise and knowledge. Our team reviews all HVAC solutions to find the best fit for your business. All air conditioning recommendations operate efficiently throughout the year to keep your home cool.

New HVAC Installation

For new installations in Dallas, TX, call us on our phone, and we can help review your living space for the perfect HVAC and help you set up a system within hours. We offer the best HVAC that will suit your home in terms of capacity and the Dallas air climate through extensive reviews.

Condenser/Central Unit Repair – Air Conditioning Repair

We provide Irving, TX, with the best AC repair service for your home or business. You can rely on us to service your commercial HVAC for your business during emergency situations, regardless of the location or problem. Our repair service aims to improve Dallas air conditioning performance and reduce energy consumption – especially during the day when your condenser works at maximum capacity. Therefore, rely on us to resolve any problem you may have with your home’s HVAC.

Heat Pump & Gas Furnace Repair

We’ve trained our team to diligently identify your gas furnace issues and subsequently sort them out within minutes – this ensures high-quality, fast service from us. Our service ensures that your heat pump or gas furnace operates efficiently and uses less energy. You can ensure that your heat pump will be in great condition throughout the year through our service.

Commercial HVAC Services

For reliable commercial air conditioning repair and services, our team is available 24/7. We have the license to service, repair, and maintain all commercial HVAC solutions in Texas.

HVAC Replacement

Are you thinking of replacing your existing HVAC system with an advanced heating and A/C unit? Well, we are ready to help you with that as well. Our professional HVAC technician team works well to give our valued customers the assurance that, once the installation is done, with proper maintenance over time, your HVAC unit will not face any problems due to the installation procedure. We deliver our very best to our customers and treat the HVAC systems with the utmost care, therefore, for any HVAC Installations or Replacements in Dallas, we are the very first name that comes to HVAC contractors and homeowners’ mind.

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AC Repair

Gas Furnace & Heat Pump Repair in Dallas TX

Gas furnace repairs and heat pump repairs are quite common when it comes to regular HVAC maintenance. But fear not, our team of experienced and trained HVAC specialists is equipped to deal with units from industry-leading HVAC companies like Trane, Goodman or Carrier; therefore, even if you have the latest HVAC system, we are well equipped to provide your gas or heat pump system with any repairs it may need, be it a leaky valve, busted nozzle or uneven cooling.

When you are in search of the best air conditioning repair Dallas-based HVAC contractor, we are always ready to give you the most reliable fix and ensure that all of your HVAC equipment runs are thorough. Therefore, go right ahead and give us a call, we will be ready to help you out with all your HVAC needs at a moment’s notice.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) – AC Repair in Dallas, Texas


Question: Can Green Leaf Air handle the installation of a modern-efficient model of air conditioning system?

Answer: Modern A/C unit or heating systems come with a lot of features and smart equipment. That’s why installing AC equipment is much delicate work than one might think. Even with the integration of modern-smart technology, air conditioning system installation is nothing an HVAC company like Green Leaf Air with years of experience can’t handle.


Question: Why Green Leaf Air is best for central air conditioner system installation in Dallas, Texas?

Answer: Green Leaf Air is a full-service company that handles air conditioning inspections, A/C tune-up, complete HVAC system check-up, entire system installation and offers custom AC repair & maintenance solutions to homeowners. With certified technicians, priority scheduling, excellent customer service and 15 years experience in the HVAC industry, Green Leaf Air is your best bet to get your heating and A/C system installed safely and securely in home & commercial buildings. Thanks to our awesome service and expert technicians, people have been recommending us to family, friends, and neighbors for years. So, you can trust us to handle your HVAC installation needs.


Question: How much does modern, efficient and qualified models of AC costs these days from Green Leaf Air?

Answer: Green Leaf Air is a wholesale dealer of qualified central units. We sell efficient, modern and top quality products for home and commercial HVAC needs. These HVAC units can cost anything between $1500 to $15000 and Green Leaf Air offers the best rate in the US.


Question: Does Green Leaf Air offer efficient home heating and A/C designs suggestion?

Answer: With years of experience in installing and repairing HVAC unit, Green Leaf Air’s team has acquired a solid understanding of the importance of proper sizing and design when it comes to HVAC systems. Besides, Green Leaf Air is the only contractor in Texas ensuring fair assessment on HVAC installation, repair and maintenance contracts. So, you can count on Green Leaf Air for any cooling and heating works.


Question: Does Green Leaf Air offer credit/financing options for homeowners’ unique needs for HVAC systems?

Answer: Yes, Green Leaf Air offers financing options on home HVAC products and room air conditioners. But the financing option is only available after the homeowner is approved “credit” by our financing partner.


Question: Does Green Leaf Air sell replacement parts for existing equipment?

Answer: Yes, we sell replacement parts for condenser coils, air handlers, gas furnaces, heat pumps and other HVAC units. We also ensure an “excellent service” guarantee if you get our recommended parts for your current system.


Question: Does Green Leaf Air ensure high-efficiency operation after HVAC servicing?

Answer: Being a reputed heating and cooling contractor in Texas, we don’t consider a job “well done” after we simply ensure the proper function of your HVAC units for the hottest days in summer. We work on your HVAC unit to turn them into efficient equipment for heating and cooling from a mere power-hogging electrical appliance. After we go through HVAC system tune-ups, we also ensure you’re getting the most out of your efficient air conditioner. So, for air conditioner efficiency and best indoor air quality, call Green Leaf Air.

Areas Where We Offer HVAC Servicing & Related Work

Dallas, Fort Worth, Oak Cliff, Highland Park, Fruitdale, Colleyville, Rawlins, Cockrell Hill, Eagle Ford, Lawson, Bobwyn, Reinhardt, Kenwood, Meaders, Oldham, Gifford, Cole, Irving, Bouchard, Ledbetter Hills, Zacha Junction, Highland, Hutchins, Wilmer, Westlake, Watauga, Haltom City, Harbor Grove, Boyce, Lolaville, Lakewood Village, Lavon Beach Estates, Little Elm, Little Ridge, Fairview, The Colony, McKinney, Bartonville, Britton, Keller, Valley Ridge, Yucote Acres, Crisp, Marshall Creek, Collin, Pebble Beach Sunset Acres, Rendon, Lavon Shores Estates, Smithfield, Richland Hills, Bisbee, North Richland Hills, Bristol, Colquitt, Gastonia, Ike, Frisco, Wetsel, Oak Point, Forest Grove, Highland Village, Kennedale, Lawrence, Fate, Naaman, Hurst, Trinity Mills, Glenn Heights, Rowlett, Cowley, Tarrant, Cedarview, Patrick, Minters Chapel, Euless, Elva, Shepton, Kingswood, Coppell, Hebron, Plano, Seagoville, Red Oak, Pleasant Valley, Oak Leaf, Dalrock, Ovilla, Sachse, Audelia, Balch Springs, Bethard, Inwood, Duncanville, Gribble, Rylie, Estelle, Lakeland Heights, Mesquite, Grand Prairie, Lakeview, Farmers Branch, Sowers, Richardson, Kleberg, Addison, Lancaster, Pleasant Run, Garland, DeSoto, Carrollton, Sunnyvale, Tripp, Lillian, Roanoke, Rosser, Rockhill, Venus, Garrett, Sand Lake, Alsdorf, Post Oak Bend City, Retta, Lowry Crossing, Melody Hills, Shady Shores, Scurry, Munson, Post Oak Bend, Wylie, Rockwall, Crandall, Watsonville, Southlake, Bransford, Saint Paul, Lebanon, Midlothian, Allen, Flower Mound, Tate Springs, Ederville, McLendon, Mobile City, McLendon-Chisholm, Handley, Talty, Lucas, Lavon Lake Lodges, Mansfield, Palmer, Chisholm, Lindberg, Arlington, Markout, Ferris, Webb, Forney, Heath, Grapevine, Murphy, Southland Acres, Liberty Grove, Pecan Hill, Johnsons Station, India, Glen Hill, Bedford, Sterrett, Trumbull, Combine, Rockett, Pantego, Dalworthington Gardens, Camey, Sublett, Lewisville, Culleoka, Royse City, Everman, Corinth, Terrell, Copeville, Reagor Springs, Nevada, Millwood, Winningkoff, Warsaw, Beverly Hill, Warsaw Center, Double Oak, Waxahachie, Lavon and areas in Dallas.

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