First Company 2 Ton 6 kW Horizontal Fan Coil (Uncased Air Handler) – 24HX6 The HX series from First Co.’s is a space-saving fan coil with compact Dimensions. This 2 Ton 6 kW unit has a height of 10-inch, a width of 37.25-inch and a length of 21-inch. Due to its compact size, it is very easy to mount or install on the wall. With 24000 BTU cooling capacity and 10.5 to 12.2 EER rating, this unit is efficient as any other premium alternatives. Also, this 2 Ton unit is compatible with all the modern-day split-system AC condensers & heat pumps. This fan coil is also equipped with insulated & slopped drain pan. HVAC system owners get both primary & secondary drains and on top of that, the fan coil (Uncased Air Handler) has a 240/24 V relay/transformer with easy servicing access. $525.00