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Payne 3 Ton 14 SEER Air Conditioning Bundle

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Payne 3 Ton 14 SEER Residential Air Conditioner Condenser

Efficiency 14.0 SEER / 11.0 – 13.5 EER (based on tested combination) Microtube Technology™ refrigeration system, Energy Star® combinations, Reliability, R-410A refrigerant, Scroll compressor, Internal pressure relief valve, Internal thermal overload, Filter drier, Durability, Solid, durable sheet metal construction, Dense wire coil guard.

Tutco -Non-Fused Single Phase Heater for Carrier Air Handlers

Advanced alloy open coil heater. All necessary limit controls with circuit breakers. Heater kit controls are compatible with packaged unit manufacturers' factory control system. Construction is ETL listed for use with each manufacturers' packaged unit. Fully researched and tested with dimensional and electrical termination compatibility with the manufacturers' packaged unit installations. Easy installation per the installation instructions as provided with each heater kit. Lower cost. Optional single point power accessory kit available. All units are boxed individually for easy handling. TEN year limited warranty.

TRADEPRO-TP-WHIP Non-Metallic Connector Whip 1/2

Liquid-tight flexible conduit system - a labor saving convenience kit for A/C unit hookup. Also use for heat pumps, refrigeration, hot tubs, swimming pools and outdoor lighting. Three distinct wire colors for ease of hook-up. Includes one straight and one 90° metallic or non-metallic connector. 90° connector is removable for straight connections. (Second straight connector not included.) U.L. and C.U.L Listed

VIVE-Non-Programmable Thermostat

VIVE™ 600 Series - Economy Features: Economy/Builder Line. Universal sub-base for easy plug-in upgrades. Easy Access Battery Compartment. Customizable Staging Logic for Installers. Separate O/B terminals. Affordable Wired and Wireless PTAC Control. 2 speed fan for PTACS600

TopTech TP-60AMP-NF Non-Fusible Disconnect 60 amp

Non Fused model designed with pull-out handle for easy replacement. The line, load, and ground terminals are aligned for ease of wiring. This product has a reversible door which opens to either the left or right. The side open door opens more than 180 degrees for maximum access and has a full dead front. This is rain tight and sleet resistant.

UltraLite Lightweight Concrete Equipment Pad

A true concrete equipment pad at the weight of plastic (about 2.5 lbs. per square foot). UltraLite® is strengthened by miles of fiber in each square foot of fiber-cement coating. This fiber allows the pad to flex instead of cracking or breaking. The textured surface prevents the condensing unit or portable generator from sliding, and allows water drainage, while the engineered encapsulated polystyrene (EPS) core prevents warping and provides a solid bottom to resist settling. Unaffected by soil conditions, ultraviolet (UV), temperature extremes, and other weather conditions.

Factory Authorized Parts - Payne Badge

Maintains agency listings and safety standards. Warranty Offered. Preserves equipment warranty.

3 Ton Fan Coil Multipoise Aluminum Coil

This fan coil utilizes a high-efficiency, multi-speed blower motor to provide comfort options. Paired correctly with an outdoor air conditioner or heat pump, it can aid efficiency to help you save on your energy dollars. Multi-tap ECM motors - all sizes. Integrated motor controls, with 90-sec off TDR function, have replaced integrated circuit board. Five available speed tags to meet a wide range of applications.
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Product Info -Payne 3 Ton 14 SEER Air Conditioning Bundle


Payne® 3 Ton 14 SEER Air Conditioning Bundle AHRI# 9520645

Condensing Unit

Fan Coil

Heat Strip





AHRI# 9520645

Items may differ from image!!


Included In This Bundle

DiversiTech® – UC3636-3 UltraLite® Lightweight Concrete Equipment Pad 36″ x 36″ x 3″ – 34# Per Pad
Item: EP-36X36X3-U MFR: UC3636-3
Quantity: 1
TopTech – TP-60AMP-NF Non-Fusible Disconnect 60 amp
Quantity: 1
3 Ton Residential Fan Coil Multipoise (Aluminum Coil)
Item: FB4CNF036L00 MFR: FB4CNF036L00
Quantity: 1
VIVE™ – Non-Programmable, 1H/1C, With Mechanical Knob Adjustment Setpoint
Item: TP-N-601 MFR: TP-N-601
Quantity: 1
TRADEPRO® – TP-WHIP-1/2X6NM Non-Metallic Connector Whip 1/2″ x 6′
Quantity: 1
Payne® – 3 Ton 14 SEER Residential Air Conditioner Condensing Unit
Item: PA14NC03600G MFR: PA14NC03600G
Quantity: 1
Factory Authorized Parts™ – 339853-401 Payne Badge
Item: 339853-401 MFR: 339853-401
Quantity: 1
Tutco – 81-0455-00 10 Kw Non-Fused Single Phase Unit Heater for Carrier Air Handlers
Item: FC-0901N10 MFR: 81-0455-00
Quantity: 1


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